If You Plan On Drinking, Do These Critical Things Before You Leave The House


Buy a Breathalyzer

This is a critical first step in your protection againstgetting a DUI. It could be the difference between going tojail and going home to sleep in your own bed.

Think about it: A $100 investment to avoid $10,000 inexpenses and all of the time and hassles related to a DUI? Talk about a great return on an investment. Stop readingright now, go to the Internet, and purchase yourBreathalyzer. It is that important.

After you receive it, make sure you put it in your car. Itdoes no good at home in a drawer. As a matter of fact, youshould buy one for every car you own and keep it in there.

Search Your Vehicle for any Incriminating Items

Remember those empty beer cans that you threw in the backof your truck during your last fishing trip? How about thatflask that you keep in your glove box, or in your golf bagin the trunk? Any remnants of marijuana in your ashtray? Any concealed firearms or knives? Now is a good time to goto your vehicle and get rid of any items that could beincriminating if you are stopped. When a cop pulls youover, he is trying to build a case against you. One of theways he builds such as case is by simply looking inside yourcar for any evidence that you've been drinking. Don't helphim build his case against you.

What do you think your chances are of avoiding arrest if acop walks up to your vehicle and sees several empty beercans in the back of your truck; then sees a flask fall outof the glove box when you try and retrieve yourregistration; and shines his flashlight on what appears tobe remnants of a marijuana cigarette in your ashtray? Ifyou haven't guessed already, the answer is that you areprobably going to jail just as soon as he can get hishandcuffs on you.

Go clean out your vehicle now. Once again, don't keepreading. Go to you car and do it now. You'll thank melater.

Make Sure All Of Your Headlights, Taillights, And SignalsWork

Studies show that DUIs often result from a traffic stop foranother reason. In other words, cops will often stopsomeone for a broken taillight or turn signal, then smellalcohol on the driver and end up arresting him for a DUI. Why give cops that advantage? Take the time before you goout and double-check your brake lights, turn signals, taillights, even your license plate light, and anything elsethat may attract unwanted attention. This entire processmay take a couple of minutes maximum. But the payoff? - notgetting a DUI - priceless!

Put A Tape Recorder In Your Car

Buy a small hand-held tape recorder and keep it in your car. Should you ever get stopped after drinking, this could be avery valuable piece of evidence. This is your record of theevents that occurred. Sure, cops often record sound andvideo during their stops. However, it is not unheard of forthose records to turn up edited at those precise momentsthat favor the citizen.

In addition, if you have a record of a cop making a mistake, your case could be thrown out. For example, imagine if acop was caught on tape violating law or procedure. Yourcase would likely be dismissed or charges dropped. Howvaluable then does that make your tape recorder? That'sright - priceless!

Warning: be sure and check the laws in your state regardingrecording another person with or without their knowledge. In general, you can record anyone, as long as they know theyare being recorded. You don't have to announce it to them. Simply put the recorder in plain view and turn it on. Gobuy a recorder now, for each of your cars.

Make Sure You Have Driver's Rights Cards in All Cars

In my book, I provide a listing of your rights that you willuse, should you ever be stopped for a DUI investigation. It's critical that you have these in all of your cars. You can put them with your registration and proof ofinsurance documents. When you are stopped, and aninvestigation begins, hand the cop this card.

Use A Designated Driver

A clichŠ¹ for sure. However, it is a simple and effectivemethod for avoiding a DUI. Before you go out, decide whowill be the driver. If it's you, make sure you don't drink, or drink very little. Don't wait until it's closing time atthe bar before you select a designated driver.

Use Public Or Other Transportation

Take a taxi. Ride a bus. Hitchhike. Walk. Ride a bike. Have your mother drop you off. Do anything. Just don'tdrive to the bar.

Eat A Large Meal

Eating a large meal before going out will help slow the rateof absorption. It will not prevent you from becomingimpaired or prevent the alcohol from being absorbed intoyour bloodstream. However, by slowing the rate ofabsorption, you will slow the rate at which you reach thelegal limit for driving. In other words, you will be ableto drink more, before you feel the effects. We've all had adrink on an empty stomach. You can feel the effects of thealcohol after you've downed the first cocktail. Eat beforeyou go out, and slow your rate of intoxication. It could bethe difference in going over the legal limit.

Drink A Lot of Water

Before you go out for the evening, drink several glasses ofwater. Again, this will not prevent the alcohol fromgetting into your system. But it will help slow the rate ofabsorption. Water also has the welcomed side effect ofpreventing or reducing the effects of a hangover.

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