Getting Fat These Days; Is it Starbucks


Starbucks has seen tremendous growth in our cities and the stock is up sharply from its IPO. But for many Americans so is their waist; are you a Starbucks Groupie? Is this fact showing in your body. Are you worried about becoming obese like so many other Americans? Are you already there? Noting is working, you have tried diets, pills and even the hail Marry impossible schemes? If so we may have the answer. Stop filling your gut with foo foo drinks like the Starbucks Frappachinos.

Your risks to diabetes go up hyperbolically with the over indulgence of too much sugar, throw in a little caffeine and you have heart risks too. Some doctors are quite adamant about the drinking of such addicting drinks such as frappachinos. Which patrons of Starbucks joke around and call them "Four Bucks" due to the costs of a Venti Frappachino. Starbucks brand consultants tried to over come this problem by introducing the less fattening version of the frappachino. It did not do well as many customers thought it was too watery and other exclaimed; "It made me want to puke."

I guess the two issues combined, the cost of the frappachinos and the health risks are a double whammy to your personal budget and your obesity. One way to cure this is to buy stock now on a long term hold. This way when you get fat and old you can afford a little better heart specialist and a dietary consultant for your daily insulin pokes.

You need to think about what you are doing to your body. Let Starbucks export to the rest of the world, but you need to stay healthy so you can live your life without worry of early health problems that could cut it short.


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